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tv   The Willis Report  FOX Business  March 17, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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coming up next. gerri: hello, i'm gerri willis live from the at atlantic city. tonight, new obamacare fees catching employers by surprise. what's in store for your company and why so many firms are fuming. also, it's a whale of a problem for j pmorgan, be did the bank ignore warning signs. getting to the bottom of the huge trading losses. and, yes, sin, definitely sells. tobacco, alcohol, gambling, look at it here in atlantic city for the business of vice special tonight. "the willis report" is on the case.
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♪ gerri: we are live in atlantic city, new jersey, them a dozen casino, four, the biggest in the world, all day long on fox business, looking at the business of vice, and don't be mistaken, it is big business. take atlantic city. the12 casinos took in more than 212 million just in february alone. the entire economy of this city is based in gaming, 33,000 people work in the industry. here at the golden nugget atlantic city casino, they have a golden nugget. look at that. they have a hotel, cay casino, d marina in the heart of new jersey. hear from the general manager at
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the bottom of the hour, and i sit down with a blackjack dealer and learn for the first time how to play blackjack. i never played it in the casino before, and you'll never guess how i did. it's not just gambling, but the biggest trends in alcohol these days, bourbon, plus, tobacco, porn, reality tv, and how your smart phone is a vice. we have a sinful hour ahead capping it off with how you at home as an investor can make money on it all. first tonight, our top story. obamacare's latest surprise is a new fee to hit employers. douglas holtz-eakin, president of the and former cbo director. great to talk to you. i was shocked to hear about the fee, $63, nobody knew it was coming, $63 per eployee, so for a company like boeing, that's $10 million just for the fee
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alone. what is it for, and why didn't we hear about this before? >> well, i mean, certainly the latter part is easier. again, we're finding out that you have to read the bill to know what's in it, no one read it before it was passed, and there's quite literally a trillion dollars worth of taxes in the affordable care act. it's underappreciated, there's a tax increase on the economy to turn into big job growth impacts and turn into big cost of insurance impacts, and that's what the fee is for, it's there to get the startup of the new exchanges going and to ensure the high cost paicialghts are covered into the insurance products. gerri: what's interesting because there's a lot of people asking for exclusions already, and am i surprised that thedownon representing auto workers doesn't want to pay this. boeing, as i mentioned before, they are asking for exclusions. suspect this is case where virtually anybody with more than
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say a thousand employees is going to be knocking on the white house doors asking for personal consideration? >> we, of course, you would. this is a cost of doing business, going to be substantial, and unanticipated cost. we saw this with all the regulations that have been put in place to make obamacare go. one by one, they show up and ask for exclusions because they are costly, have to change the way they do business, change the insurance, and the fee is no different. we saw a medical device fee start this year, a health insurance fee start next year. it's a movie you'll see again and again as years past. gerri: well, this money, supposed by, helps people who can't be denied coverage because of preexisting conditions. this is what it's for, and the companies levied are saying these are not people we necessarily are covering. you're verying bear the csts for the whole system. does their argument have weight?
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>> it does. remember that a lot of the kind of fees put into the affordable care act were advertised as fees for a benefit. the premium tax was in exchange for the business supposedly they would get. the device tax, people buy more devices, but dig into that, you find out that many of the small device manufacturers are not going to see the business change at all because of the affordable care act. same true for insrers, and, in this case, it is very unlikely that you will find the high cost patients who were excluded from the insurance pool in an ployer sponsored product, and the fee's not going to match that at all. >> all right. i have to get you to an economic question. among your many talents, you're an economist. today, we got a big disappointment with the consumer confidence number that surprised people, not expecting it. we expected a better result. it drove the stock market down. what's going on here? >> i'm concerned about that. if you remember back in the
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fourth quarter of 2012, consumer confidence was high, business confidence low. that diversion can't persist, and the hope was it would come up, match, and have a sustained rally. it is troubling. consumer confidence fell with the cliff, an know there's another round of tax increases and threats of more tax increases in the democratic budget, confidence falls again, and i think this is a sign that consumers are realistic about this recovery which is pretty tepid and the risk of bad policy out of washington. >> as usual, great analysis, great to have you on the show tonight. thank you so much. >> thank you. gerri: also, today, the dow gongs femme today as i mentioned, breaking the longest winning streak since 1996. the s&p 500 also down after closing yesterday just two points shy of the all-time high.
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meanwhile, a new 3 # 00-page senate report finds the nation's biggest bank, jarks pmorgan chase ignored risk and misled investors last year. the executives were grilled on capitol hill today. the chairman and ceo, jamie dimon, nowhere in sight. rich edson has the latest. rich, what happened? >> well, the chairman left the cooer -- door open to an aexperience by dimon. we'll get back to that. it was a six hour drilling on where employees and senators piled on charges that the ceo, jamie dimon withheld a certain number of statements, federal regulators to urge the bank to do so, that in the london office they manipulated statemented and dodged regulators. >> i'm asking you whether or not it's accurate that the occ got
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the information on those positions on a regular and recurring basis as part of your normalized reporting. i'm asking you that. is that accurate? >> we got information -- >> not information. i'm going to read this to you and until you give me the answer. did they get the information on those positions on a regular and recurring basis. you know what "those positions," are, the position of the wale trade, as participant of a normalized reporting, did they? >> they did not get the detailed positions regularly. >> okay. >> they got summary information. >> i'll settle for that. >> the occ, the primary regulator here, the office the comptroller of the currency admitted they dnt follow-up on red flag lings and should have and put the blame on the folks at j pmorgan chase on that. the chief investment officer at the bank, no longer is, but she oversaw the reporting in the london office and put the blame on the london office as the
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senate report says in a number of financial reports, and one day, the reports showed this port portfolio lost only $12 million, when, in fact, it lost $600 million. back to jamie dimon here. before the hearing started, the chairman said if you felt the results of the hearing, made it so he would come back, you could ask him, and we asked the office whether or not they plan to invite him, and we have not heard back. enjoy blackjack and split aces and 8's. back to you. gerri: thank you so much. finger pointing in washington. now to have fun. throughout the rest of the hour, the big business of vice, covering everything from alcohol to tobacco to porn and reality tv with the former "jersey shore" star, and being that we're live in atlantic city, we start with game ling and the worldwide gambling industry, and plus, how you make money from it without stepping foot in the cay casino. that's next as "the willis
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♪ gerri: welcome back to "the willis report," live from atlantic city covering gambling and the future ahead for this city. casino revenue falling 12.5% last month despite $10 billion invested over 35 years. we have the opportunity to speak with michael polak, the managing director of spectrum gaming group says the money is poured into a broken system, but that the city can certainly turn it around. >> when atlantic city's business model was that this is the most convenient place in the eastern united states for adults to gamble, that business model no longer -- gerri: it's broken?
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>> it's broken and will never be fixed. what you need more capital, and you alys will. gerri: okay. say it's broken. the question is, can it recover? what does it take? more money spent how? >> consumers have a tight grip on the wallets. we're effectively in a recession from the stand point of housing values, from the stand point of how people feel about the future. gerri: we just got consumer confidence numbers today that were disappointing. >> so that's very much tied to the future of atlantic city and its presence. gerri: right. >> the notion that game ling is a recession-proof industry is just not the case. that's -- it really never was the case, but it's certainly not the case going forward. gerri: michael, paint me the picture of how it comes back here. what's it take? you say more money. >> what it takes -- talking about consumer confidence, what it's going to take is the
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confidence of the capital markets that money invested in atlantic city, will be money well spent, that it will generate a return on that investment. gerri: talk about the rebel here for a second because this was a property of $2 billion, spent on this property, it's going into bankruptcy, and it has problems from the start. what went wrong there? >> i think it's an overall marketing strategy in all its aspects. that's involving more than just publ relations. that involving targeting the specific areas are messages that resinate. there's a lot of adults with disposable income. gerri: especially around here. >> who aren't gamblers by -- they're spending habits, that's not one of their primary ways to spend money, but they spend discretionary dollars and would gamble some, but you've got -- in each -- every one of those,
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there's so many sub segments, each one of them has to be marketed to differently. gerri: what about online game ling? could that be an incentive? >> if implemented well, and that's a big if because it's so brand new, and there's so many different ideas as to how it works because it has not really been tried in north america, but if it is implemented well, and by being implemented well, i mean that online game ling should be primarily a means of identifies customers, adults, and then consenting them to come to atlantic city. if that's the case, if it's implemented in that fashion, it's a huge plus. gerri: i tell you, you know, ultimately, the location is beautiful; right? right here on the water. it's amazing. it would be great to see a huge comeback for atlantic city, and it seems like it has a lot of people in place.
10:19 pm
michael, thank you. appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. gerri: and there's more to come. coming up, i sit down with the general manager of this casino, the golden nuggets councilwoman to see if the business of game ling -- gambling is booming. you can't talk vice without alcohol. in kentucky, the recent boom in bourbon drinking. bourbon drinking. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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gerri: jacking up the spirit industry. whiffingy generating d whisky
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generating the business. fox business' jeff flock in louisville, kentucky. jeff, you have the best assignment. >> this is literally on fire in kentucky. take a look at something you don't get to see. this is the brown and -- [inaudible] you're watching barrels, oak barrels being charred. they will be filled with bourbon soon. you got to make it that way. >> yes, you do. bourbonhas to go in a new white oak charred barrel. >> one of the republicans the stock is doing well is they are the only bourbon maker essentially that makes your own barrels. we work with the masters to customize needs to the service. >> that's the chars you can get. that's a heavy char. that one's medium, and this, obviously, the lighter ones. it means different tastes to the
10:24 pm
bourbon. >> heavier char allows us to get color into the bourbon at a quicker taste so you get more sugar in the wood. >> this is how they assemble the barrels and sell them on the open market as well. look at how they fit together. hoops go on them there, and this gives you a tremendous advantage over your competitors because you can control exactly how that char takes place. >> right. >> we control the whole supply from the wood cut to the barrels being made that gives us the tremendous advantage to know what we need and way we're looking for in the products and taste profiles. >> might be that's why the stock has risen so precipitously in the last few years. actually, the five year, you see it's been going on for along while, and bourbon is booming, bourbon sales booming. for awhile, it was vodka, and now we are getting to the point where people would like a more complex flavor and something to
10:25 pm
mix as well, bourbon tasting lighter, perhaps, not as harsh. that seems to be what people like, paying more for it, not drinking more, but drinking better. good news for americans. the qint sensual american spirit and industry here in louisville, kentucky. gerri: thanks for that, jeff. who knew it was all about the charring. cool. all right. from alcohol to tobacco. the two things are often linked in social settings, big business, really big business. the maker of camel cigarettes earned more than a billion dollars last year on revenue of more than $8 billion. small shops forced to deal with huge tobacco taxes, especially at the state level. robert gray spent the day at a cigar shop in santa mop cay and asked the owner how taxes squeeze his business. >> it's very difficult to operate in the tobacco field just because you spend a lot of your time in the back room with
10:26 pm
your cpa, bookkeeper, and attorneys trying to remain compliant, and that's a big challenge for time, a big challenge financially. i would do a little bit more expansion if i could, i would hire more people and create jobs if i didn't have the put energy into compliance. gerri: he went on to say that sometimes 30% of the sales go to taxes in california. now, we spent 5 -- a lot more time on the business vice coming up in the next half hour, how to make money with sin stocks in your portfolio, and talk to the general manager of the golden nugget here in the city. is gambling booming or not a recession-proof industry? we're live in atlantic city. st with us. st with us. ♪ [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo.
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gerri: -- >> today you are surrounded by opulence which arguably simply came from hard work and a single idea. does the american dream still exist? >> i think so. and, you know, i did come from success measured by the obstacles that you have to overcome in order to achieve them. so because somebody has had an underprivileged upbringing, it handicaps them, but you can say that those individuals cannot make it if they have an opportunity. >> my goal as long as i can remember. so the idea of leaving to do something else is counterproductive because i and then just not. gerri: welcome back. we are live from the golden nugget, atlantic city for fox business network all they long special. taking a look at the big money from alcohol, tobacco, and
10:31 pm
support, what you just saw. we are going all in on gambling. joining me now, general manager of the golden nugget atlantic city. welcome to the show. great to see you. as has been $150 million renovating the property. of course, all the experts say it is all about reinvestment. what do you make of that? >> it is. without reinvesent the property that we inherited when we came into the atlantic city market had been neglected for some time. the corporation came into my committed to spend 150 billion turn the property around. and when you look at the video that you're showing in the property. gerri: look over my shoulder. and many baccarat table behind me. i think that people really like it. read it -- their response to it. when you talk about reinvestment , earlier in the show we mention that you have a 12 and a half% drop in revenue. better than that. but that is pretty dramatic. are you still in recession here in atlantic city?
10:32 pm
>> we are in recession. called nap% in february is important to realize, number one last year was lee pier. we had one extra date. we had a major snowstorm that hit the east coast that impacted friday and saturday. atlantic city friday and saturday is when you make the lion's share of the money. the town is showing 12 and a half%. through february, we are down for -- just under 5 percent, but their is a recession. the problem is, we are dealing with a declining market, and we are all trying to -- gerri: a lot of competition. you guys compete with so many people. what does the city need to do to really encourage people to come? i have to tell you, vegas has nothing new. the physical plan, and the ocean out there. it's gorgeous. you should be able to make it really come. >> most importantly commercial air service. we have an international airport. a 15 minute drive from the atlantic city and get customers that choose to fly in have to
10:33 pm
fly into billion drive an hour. commercial air service is important. competition with regional markets. pennsylvania. we like pennsylvania. there will always be regional competition, but atlantic city is a resort destination. we have nightlife, entertainment that pennsylvania can't put in. we have spas, restaurants that are just amazing. gerri: you have a lot to offer. that is for sure. the big $2 billion property announced that they will file chapter 11. people have read about this. what happened to mecca sounded like they had trouble from the get go. you come on the other hand, have gone off like a bottle rocket. they had real trouble. >> i can talk about what we have done. we have focused on gaining. it has always continue to be a focus immobile we added a nine damning component to our business, which was lacking before. we had a six and a half million dollars pot. we put in four great lender is restaurants. we test every square inch of this property and turned it into a brand-new facility.
10:34 pm
and, again, we're focusing on the gamblers. gerri: i think that you can say if you are familiar with the story, they focus more on the entertainment and in that life. want to talk to you a little bit about online gaming because this is a big issue. a lot of people talking about it . thursday the nation to embrace it. they believe they voted and 85% jump in revenue because of this. are you going to have online gaming here? what will it mean for your business? >> golden nugget middle of last year and already implemented a gaming platform. we currently have golden nugget silver dawn, our customers to go on and play poker for free. you can participate in tournaments'. wind give cards for our restaurants, when her toes days. we are set up, once we are ready to go with live online gaming we have to flip a switch. one of the few properties in the gaming industry, let alone the atlantic city market. we are ready to go with online gaming once we are set and ready to go.
10:35 pm
gerri: thank you. appreciated. we have had a great time here today. your staff has been fantastic in the people have been terrific. >> we appreciate. gerri: now we want to know what yo think. here is our question. what is your favorite? gambling, tobacco, alcohol? log on. : the right hand side of the screen analysts said results of the end of the show. now, while the golden nugget is a beautiful casino, it is not one of the biggest in atlantic city. it is tonight's top five. caesars. here in the atlantic city, 145,000 square foot casino as more than 3,000 machines. 163 table games and more than 1100 hotel rooms. it is run. stock up nearly 11% year-over-year. a bullish year when los vegas. this casino is 155,000 square feet and has more than 200 gaming tables. the hotel has almost 4,000 rooms the luxurious blog she'll is owned by mgm arise.
10:36 pm
the stock up more than 5 percent over the past year. back in atlantic city. the board got a hotel-casino. 161 dozens were feet with more than 4,000 in machines and 2,000 hotel rooms. this billion dollar casino is going to develop owned by borate gaming. number two, the mgm grand in las vegas. this casino is celebrating its 20th anniversary. well t casino is 170,000 square feet, the hotel is one of the largest in the world. thirty floors and more than 5,000 rooms. i have been there. they have 5,000 rooms, five outdoor pools, rivers and waterfalls. the number one biggest casino in the u.s., it is not in vegas or atlantic city. the fox would resort and casino in connecticut. that resort is 340,000 square feet, 700,000 gaming tables, 400 table games, nearly 30 restaurants, and has one of the world's largest bingo halls. the hotel has less than 1,000
10:37 pm
rooms. the biggest casino in the world is in china. the venetian mccallum, 546 houses were featured. when we come back, some reality stars and fashion designers. one of the biggest farce of mtv's reality show, the jersey shore. and you can make money from the world of gambling and you don't even have to step foot on the casino floor. more about gaming stocks next. ♪ live from the golden nugget casino in atlantic city. ♪ at a dry cleaner, we replaced people with a machine. what? customers didn't like it. so why do banks do it?
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♪ gerri: >> a prostitution is legalized and wouldn't that get into your business?
10:41 pm
>> no. added all. it just takes it out of the hands of the criminals and puts it into the hands of the businessmen. the liquor industry pays $6 billion per year federal taxes. the sex industry could do the same thing. there will still come. the bunny ranch is world famous. when you have a television show that has been on 11 years on hbo you get pretty famous. gerri: welcome back to "the willis report" live from atlantic city. we are talking the business of vice today. if you are looking to put your hand in gaming stocks in the we have you covered for some of the hottest picks out there. managing director joins me now. thank you for being with us. you're one of the smartest mines read comes to investing in the stocks. i want to start here with atlantic city produce say it is hard to play. >> if you look from a public equity standpoint there is very little exposure. the earnings from caesars, the it's an earnings. otherwise the main gaming companies just don't have a lot
10:42 pm
of investment, so it is not release an earnings driver for them. gerri: so let's talk about vegas because i think you find that an easier way to get into the marketplace. vegas is still suffering. sales are dow. >> vegas is -- it has set a very difficult time trying to recover from the downturn. we are seeing gaming revenue trends, not great, could be better. we are seeing some progress and room prices and occupancy levels. what we found is one of the best leading indicators for gaming revenues in las vegas is u.s. household net worth which we have got some positive signs of lately. hofully somewhere down the road that will be beneficial for vegas. gerri: interesting. less talk about some of your picks. first of all, let's talk about that stock. three-quarters comes from a cow which is a good thing. >> mccallum is by far the largest gaming market in the world. it has grown phenomenally of the past five best in years.
10:43 pm
and really mostly driven by that. like you said in a 75% of earnings come from there. this is a play on the recovery from the soft your last year. building their second property there, and they also are strangely enough for gaming company, an attractive dividend play. pay about a dollar quarter and regular dividends. for the past several years they have paid a very attractive special dividend. gerri: let's talk about mgm. upping his anti in the stock. tell me what you like this. >> well, it is a play on the eventual recovery of las vegas. it is also a play on the count. they have one property. there currently constructing the second property. that is going to become more important. there are also going through a very strong to leveraging process. iraq to pull lot of that prior to the downturn. that has been coming down. like you said, he has come out publicly in its filings and said he sees greater long-term value in the stock.
10:44 pm
he is a buyer, and so are we. gerri: less talk about lodging for a second. you have picks in this group, starting with sticker symbol. what you like this? >> we like this because this is a very attractive free cash flow play. uprighted hospitality businesses , hotel franchisees time sharing, vacation rentals, the time share exchanges. they make us 750 million per year. businesses they run a very low capitol intensity. so they don't have to reinvest a lot. so they are spending all that free cash back to shareholders with special dividends and share buybacks. has been a very, very strong socked. gerri: you like this category. hotels. talk about those. >> the hotel space is very attractive right now. a very simple business. supply and demand business. the economic growth is strong enough to create incremental lodging demand and it has simply been very little in hot
10:45 pm
construction, so we have seen higher prices, profits, the asset values of a tulsa going up. when that happens the groups that own these hotels should go up as well. they pay dividends from 2-5%, which is also very attractive to the income oriented investors. gerri: we have to leave it there. thank you for coming on the show. good analysis. >> thank you for having me. gerri: well, gambling or another vice, but don't want to move from your couch? there is an apt for that. technology is making it easier for people to commit there sense. don't worry. if you want to repent there is an after that, too. with more on this, shibani joshi . >> reporter: a little bit of something for everyone. we probably lost in a little more time on their cell phones and we would like to. but does all of this screen time turn into san? it sure can. big businesses are cashing in
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and indulging in your sinful activities. you can engage in all hostess activities. i took a like a specific categories including a call and extramarital affairs. there is an application for that. as tell you what i found when it comes to being simple on your smart phone. let's talk about alcohol. more than 1,000 alcohol-related applications listed in the itunes and even the indirect world. drink is the one that i found. providing you with coupons. it is free, available for free and has been down loaded almost 50,000 times just in the last 50 days. if you are done with drinking and you may want to repent there is something for you as well. alcoholics anonymous, getting digitized with its 12 step program. it allows you to find a meeting and even do positive
10:47 pm
affirmations that will cost you something. that has been uploaded. after throwing your, there is another one called the spidey guide that allows you to track your cheating spouse . really something. so far of stuff that is out there. check all-out. gerri: in new? thank you. amazing. still to come, find out what happened when i tried my lack at blackjack for the first time ever. next time we take a look at what happens when the business of vice and the fashion world collide. i will sit down with a former jersey shore start. lots more still ahead. we are live from atlantic city. ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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♪ gerri: reality tv's certainly is a vice for many of us. as it down with one of the big
10:50 pm
10:51 pm
♪ gerri: end-and tonight, the business of vice and reality tv is certainly a vice for many of us. my next guest made her mark on the hit mtv series the jersey shore along with other cast members. now she is quickly transitioning from reality starts to fashion a step. i recently asked her about the actors of the jersey shore, and she says she had no regrets. >> all the memories i have with all these different people, it really was amazing.
10:52 pm
i have no regrets whatsoever. amazing. i have no regrets whatsoever. gerri: a happy girl. doing a lot of different things. something had it not realized. you are really the only jersey girl on it. >> yes. well, she came after. so i am the original jersey girl , true from jersey. of the my whole life. gerri: do you love it? tell me what it is about jersey that is so important? >> i think just being able to go to the beach. good beaches. be able to get to the city. so just being a jersey girl is about the lifestyle. gerri: location, location, location. me get you to your closing line because this is a big deal. he launched it. you were a fashion week in september. what was that like? take your clothes and your designs to fashion week where there are people showing that have been in the business for decades.
10:53 pm
>> was a real experience. overall, is something else wanted to do, be able to design clothes that have my own fashion show. i did it with my fitness line. so many people there, and it was just overall amazing. gerri: many people might not know you are actually a former soccer player. when you do a fitness line that makes a lot of sense. >> i mean, i wanted to do something that pertains to myself, being an athlete, loving the gym, loving working out, wanted to feel comfortable and sexy in designer clothing line that can be comfortable the workout and then you can also feel great in. gerri: and you have also done handbags, as i and a stand. >> and known for my clutch and the show. i love purses, designed by online. wanted something fashionable, but also something that you could use anywhere like shopping, going to the club's. it can be handsfree, it's easy if you want to grab a drink or if you want to go shopping in you can't hold too many. it's perfect. it's perfect for every day or if you go out at night on the town.
10:54 pm
is the perfect touch. gerri: ready uc is going? in five years where we find you? >> hopefully you guys can see me getting into hosting or continue with my branding products and some other things that tend to protect myself. gerri: we will take a tour of your brand name products. but we do that. we have your product right here. let's start with a clutch. >> this is my clutch from the show. you can wear it aa a bracelet. go out to the club. it also comes with this cute little chain and an extra latch if you want to where it around your waist or up by your shoulder. gerri: you can use a different ways. you also have the gym clothing. you said there's something very special. >> we have an actual body left. it sucks in and pulls everything together. it's fun. your stylish and you feel comfortable when you work out. gerri: colorful. lovely. these are your perfumes. you worked hard on them. >> i went to the perfume boratories and was able to pick different sense that applies to me. as possible to make perfumes and
10:55 pm
colognes out of them. gerri: tell me what the woman's perfume. >> this one is more of a vanilla that is my favorite. that is our number one seller, dangerous perfume. gerri: very nice. >> dangerous desires, more tropical, citrus, orange. then we have dangerous for men which is muskie and just realaly manley. gerri: love it. thank you for coming not a question to for having me. gerri: it is important to control that duty, my friends. we will be right back with my "2 cents more" indian sitar question of the day, what is your favorite vice? gambling, tobacco? tell us. ♪ [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix. when the doctor told me that i could smoke for the firsweek... i'm like...yeah, ok... little did i know that one week later i wasn't smoking. [ male announcer ] along with support,
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♪ gerri: finally tonight, when in rome more in this case in atlantic city, earlier today i decided to try my luck at blackjack. take a look at this. i am in the high limit room. we are going to the -- i'm going you're going to teach me how to win. that is the whole goal, to learn how to be by has been apped jack. okay. this is what i'm doing. a $50 game. i need to put into of these. read your. gerri: i'm not used to this. >> three decks year. i can't touch them. >> no. gerri: i have to keep my answer to myself. >> yes. and then once we get our cards we can start the game. gerri: all right. >> teach me all the tricks of the trade. i can have a smart game and everybody will know th i